Hey there, My name is Jerome I want to help you start!

How I help people build their own business based on their desires

I believe that you are more than your 9 to 5! We were all born creators, unfortunately for many of us we were told not to go after our dreams as we got long in the tooth.

We were told to get the 9 to 5, stay there long enough till you are able to obtain a pension. With many of us wondering what if….

I want to help you in initiating that what if!

My name is Jerome Patrick Jr., I am a Navy veteran, A husband and a father of 9 children, and autodidact of marketing, branding and design.

I support 9 to 5 dreamers into building out their ideas to establish their ideal living.

I have had the opportunity to explore multiple business ideas during my tenure in the Navy. To name a few I have been in Fashion, Grocery Delivery, Landlord of rooms, Senior Living services, Event planning, and Online package delivery.

What I found in this journey that I enjoyed being the igniter of ideas and bringing them to life!

This led to me developing a reputation to create brand identities, business system processes and product/service concepts that bring value to the young starting businesses.

If you are ready to take your idea to a business concept and generate a revenue that leads to greater opportunities I would like to support you. I cordially invite you to join our Idea to business Academy Community.

Here you will gain support, resources and actionable tactics to build your idea from scratch to generate revenue as soon as possible. You will also have frst dibs on exclusive products and services to help you in your path of stardom!