Bravery for a better self

One of the greatest gifts if you are reading this is life.

Life is such a beautiful thing.

It is a teacher if you hone in on your senses.

We easily get caught up with what is wrong.

It is crazy how we feed into the negativity so easily.

Negativity is Necessary.

A Necessary Evil as they say.

This does not have to be our story.

We are imperfect and the only thing that we all can do is practice.

Practice our hopes, our dreams, and desires.

Practice the positivity that we want for our lives and those we care about.

In the most minimum viable way today.

Don’t look for confirmation.

Focus on the practice on what makes you feel good to share today.

Those who do care are watching.

And it is the knowing in your heart that you took time to practice your better today.

Be Brave for yourself.

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