Do you have that Word of mouth Marketing?

Give them something to talk about.

Bonnie Raitt’s song rings in my ears.

A question that comes up a lot when I speak with bootstrapping companies.

How can we create an authentic buzz that leads to revenues?

I believe it involves a kinship between people and service.

The interest of the people you serve and how your company can play a role.

Creating great products, great services, great experiences that are aligned with customers’ hopes and desires.

The customers are the end all be all.

Here are some tips on getting word of marketing to work for your small business.

  1. Creating an experience to share your offer. Online experiences are great if you have the audience to leverage, but offline local experiences that can be brought online could be more advantageous.
  2. Make the experience sharable, social media or company blogs are great tools.
  3. Have measurable goals.
  4. Plan to play for the long game. Brainstorm ideas of programs and/or events that can take place throughout the year engaging your desired audience.

Your company is only good as the people you serve.

Go out there and show them what you got!

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