Fair Pricing

Recently my car had an immediate repair that needed to be made in order to get it home.

I was two hours away from home some I had limited options.

Using Google I choose the nearest location without further review.

The representative was polite and seek to provide me with a solution for my current situation.

Then the invoice came.

Now being that I was in immediate need of the car being fixed I paid 50% of what the representative said it would cost in order to get it in the queue to be repaired.

After leaving the shop I did research and realized I was paying double what the repair would national average cost was.

The part online to use to make the repair is 400% less than what the representative charged.

The time for the maintenance to be done was charged 3 hours normally than a person on Youtube showed it could be done.

If this information is readily available on the internet the question came to my mind.

If your company knows the average price for the goods and services you provide can you justify your pricing?

What is the value you provide that makes sense for your customers to feel obligated to pay?

Your answers and behaviors can be the result of the gaining and losing of customers.

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