Genuine Connection

People hate spam.

Cold Call, Cold Email, Cold unannounced visits.

Finding the key to the gatekeeper.

Create interest with the decision-maker.

Then lead to a result that both parties are looking for.

The truth is that it is challenging to pull a relationship out of thin air.

We’re asking ourselves is there a better way to gain business to share our better?

Yes, there’s an immediate audience of people that know you.

That can be just as challenging.

We put ourselves in this place to do business but don’t want to do business.

How crazy is that?

Only the strong survive.

The strong survive in business by connection.

People are going to reject things.

That’s just nature.

Finding a way to create a genuine connection is different.

They may reject your offer.

That’s ok.

The difference is that you create opportunities to try again.

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