Just a branding title rant

It is great to see people titled themselves as a Brand SME.

My question to you what is the value in that?

What is the offering that you are bringing to a company or a person?

It better be more than a logo, a few graphics, some clever wording, and an injection of followers on Instagram.

Truthfully we all have a brand.

Just go to your business partner, supervisor, friends, and family to discuss what they think of you.

Is there alignment between what they’re saying and your behaviors?

The goal of said Brand SME is to guide companies or people to deliver on the promises to those they serve.

In a language that they can relate to and forge a relationship that is everlasting.

The behaviors are signals that allow this relationship to play along.

When you have a relationship of many comes accountability.

Brand SME should have the best interests in steering this ship beyond said products and services of the company/individual.

Products and services are just the deliverable moments that express the feeling that customer desires.

When I see someone saying their Branding Coach, Chief Branding Officer, or Brand Manager I think of them as the “Beyond Person”.

We are selling to a company we can build relationships with their audiences beyond their products and services.

The question is are we delivering BEYOND?

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