Let's Create Fun with Skribble Skrabble!

In 2008, Jerome Patrick took a journey to create a cartoon inspired by his nine children. This led to the development of the idea of Skribble Skrabble. These five characters utilize their creative spirit to solve problems.

Skribble Skrabbles Cast

Ms. Springs

I bounce a ton and I love to create fun. I’m sorry Im not a fan of sweets, but willing to share a nutrition treat.


Hey buddy do you love the beat? Jazzy is here to make you move your feet. Rather drums, piano, sax or flute, my smooth tunes will shake you out your boots.

Damon Shapes

Yes I am Daisy’s brother, so don’t bother. We are opposites, so I do not like to follow. Sometimes it gets me into trouble, it is nice to have a sister that helps me on the double.

Daisy Shapes

Hi Daisy here, whatever you need me to be I can be. A friend indeed wherever you go rather its to seas or to shore. Let’s explore!

Dr. Tips

Good Day friend, my name is Dr. Tips. I love to teach my friends cool things such as the alphabet, numbers and history. I’m quite the artist using my tenacle tips.