Super Startup Social Media Head

Startups have a choice.

To focus on all or the minimum viable audience.

We say everyone is our audience.

We push it on all these social media platforms buy this, buy this, buy this!

Not taking into our audience account what is desired, their hopes, or their dreams.

Now we’ve flushed all of our money down the drain.

Well, Facebook and Google are happy.

Unfortunately, we’re not.

We all cannot be the viral sensation.

But, the few make it seem so easy.

The problem we all want easy.

Our lives are never easy.

Sharing your offer to others for a mutual transaction can be tough.

Is it us that make it tough or we simply do not want to do the work?

Real work.

Social media has a deep influence that can crash a dream before it ever takes off.

It is important to become the local’s hero as Daymond John puts it.

Word of mouth marketing is not dead.

Its because the opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

We can learn to do the next dance sensation till our head explodes with disappointment.

Or we can put on our overalls at the nearest location where we can present our better and get a faster result.

It is our move.

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