The invisible Mentor

First I want to thank Jalen Rose for this gem and the inspiration.

We do not take much stock in the people we do not meet.

It would be nice to find that person who will direct you on all the moves necessary to get where you want to go.

Life just does not work like that.

If you are eager enough you can find the stories of people who have done what you want to do.

You can do this at the touch of a button or by visiting your nearest library.

We can be inspired by a far and take actions to move forward in creating our better.

Follow their blueprints to create our own blueprint.

So today I want to take stock in my invisible mentors.

Marty Neumeier, Chris Do, Seth Godin, Steve Jobs, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Byron Allen, Jamie Foxx, Ray Dalio, Kat Cole, Jessica Alba, Grant Cardone, Tracee Ross, and Elon Musk.

It’s ok that I won’t possibly meet these people, but I will be watching, learning, and creating.

It truly takes a village to raise a child.

Take stock and build your masterpiece.



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