To my wonderful children

Hello my children if you happen to be looking around my website and landed on this blog I left this for you. These are some of the things I believe that will provide you the most fulfilling life.

  1. Health is wealth
  2. Be curious.
  3. Learn to live with less.
  4. Be an autodidact in the things you enjoy most.
  5. Read books.
  6. Learn code.
  7. Stay involved with those that bring you most joy.
  8. Connect with people who are smarter than you.
  9. Learn how to sell.
  10. Don’t live with an evil bone in your body.
  11. Play long term games with long term people.
  12. Find a reason to be happy for 1 minute.
  13. Find ways to stay consistent in your efforts.
  14. Finish what you start.
  15. Gain a core knowledge in your world’s finance.
  16. Losses are Lessons.

These are my current thoughts, do with them as you wish. Good luck and I will be watching!



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